Reward your team for spreading the word and get only trusted candidates for your open poisitions.

Get Trusted Candidates Only

Pointo allows companies to select their ambassadors and their trusted network to identify the adequate candidate for each job opening. It’s word of mouth, reenginered.

Passive Talent:
Reach the Unreachables

Go beyond job postings. Pointo helps companies reach any talent, no matter if they’re searching for new opportunities or not.

Lower Hiring Time

Pointo uses a crowdsourced hiring strategy. That helps companies lower their hiring time and optimizing their headhunting budget.

Pay per Success

Pointo is risk free: companies only pay for the service upon success. The whole hiring process is trackable and under control for everyperson involved in the process: HR Managers and candidates.

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Pointo is the hiring word of mouth, reenginered. We help companies geting high quality candidates for their job openings using a crowdsourced strategy. That lets them have a bigger reach while saving time and money.

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